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Non-Fiction Space Modeling Projects


Over the years, I have built a large number of scale & semi-scale models of US and Soviet rockets & spacecraft, both static and flying models. Some remain, like "time capsules" hearkening back to a by-gone era. Some are brand new, more recently released and recently built, but still looking backwards into the history of spaceflight.

However, some of the models of the past have gone through a sort of "restoration," or should I say renovation. Using newly available detail parts and decal sets, plus improved modeling techniques, we are taking these models to places they have not been before.

Such is the case for the 1/24 scale Revell Gemini, the 1/32 scale Monogram Apollo CSM and my Monogram "First Lunar Landing" Lunar Modules. They have been renovated to a level of detail they did not have originally. Them there are major renovations, like the work on my 1/96 scale Revell Saturn V, which I regard as one of the biggest challenges and rewards of my entire modeling career.

Then came the work on the three 1/72 scale Space Shuttle Orbiters - the Endeavour stack, Atlantis and the re-work of Discovery, each of which reflecting their display condition at their respective museum sites - except for Endeavour. Her display as a stacked, vertical Space Shuttle system will not be completed until 2017 at the California Science Center.

There's the great static model of Shuttle Launch Complex 39A which, except for the Revell Shuttle sitting on it, I built from scratch, with nothing more than spare parts, the photographs I took from the launches of STS-1 and STS-4 and a unbridled passion to see the thing built.

There are also flying semi-scale models like the Russian Proton booster and the once-proposed American Rocket Company (AMROC) commercial booster, but never saw actual commercial flight.

There are other "flyers" which became "static birds" which where done right the first time and preserved, and other flying models who have flown and luckily survived their days aloft without incident.

Click on the patch "links" below to see the associated models.

1/72 Scale Monogram X-15

1/12 Scale Atomic City Mercury Spacecraft

1/24 Scale Revell Gemini Spacecraft

and Agena Target Vehicle

1/32 Scale Monogram Apollo CSM


1/48 Scale Monogram First Lunar Landing

1/48 Scale Apollo 15 - First Lunar Rover

1/48 Scale Dragon Lunar Module


Full-Scale Apollo LM5 DSKY

1/96 Scale Apollo Launch Umbilical Tower

1/96 Scale Apollo Crawler-Transporter

1/96 Scale Revell Apollo-Saturn V Retro-fit


Custom Display Cabinet for 1/96 Revell Apollo-Saturn V,

LUT & Crawler/Transporter


1/32 scale Edu-Craft "LM-5"  


1/20 scale Accurate Models Saturn F1 Engine


1/72 Scale Space Shuttle Mobile Launch Platform


1/144 Shuttle Launch Complex 39


1/144 Edu-Craft Shuttle MLP & Crawler

             STS-1 Roll-Out 

1/144 Minicraft Space Shuttle Stack

1/100 Tamiya Space Shuttle Orbiter


1/72 Scale Monogram Space Shuttle Orbiter "Discovery"


1/72 Monogram Space Shuttle "Endeavour" Stack

1/72 Monogram/Revell Space Shuttle "Atlantis" 

1/144 scale Revell Germany

International Space Shuttle "Limited Edition"

ISS Commercial Resupply Vehicle models

1/144 Scale Revell Space Shuttle w/Boosters

STS-133 Launch Stack

1/72 Scale Edu-Craft Crawler-Transporter

w/ MLP and STS-134 Endeavour Stack

1/144 scale Energia / Buran

1/96 scale AXM Orion EFT-1 Vehicle

1/96 scale AXM EFT-1 Delta IV Heavy

1/110 Scale Revell Launch Complex 5 Conversion

 Non-Fiction Flying Models

Other Static Non-Fiction Space Models