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Fictional Space Models

It's taken me a while, but I finally decided to put in an index page for all of the Fictional Space Models we been making over the years.

For some time, we've had separate pages for our Star Wars, Star Trek and other "well known" Sci-Fi series and movies, but there are other models of "fictional spacecraft" less well known, except for those "true fans" of old Sci-Fi. 

I can't say that I've relieshed everything that has ever been put into films and TV, but there's been more than a few. But, you won;t be seeing any "Lost In Space" or "Buck Rogers" or "Space 1999" entries... at least not yet. I watched those programs, but they never held and fired the imagination, like Star Trek did, for instance. I think there's a real difference between "good" science-finction and "classic science-fiction."

So, here's where that journey for our visitors will start...

Click on the images to go to the specific pages.

Star Trek Projects Page

2001 - A Space Odyssey Page

Star Wars Page

"Space Freighter Valley Forge" form "Silent Running"

Mars Ascent Vehicel from "THe Martian"

Spaceship Luna from "Destination: Moon"

Space Cruiser C57D from "Fobidden Planet"