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                                                                                       "Ad Astra per Formae"

Spaceship Luna

from the 1950 sci-fi classic, 

"Destination: Moon"

1/144 scale model from Pegasus Models

The shape of the fictional spaceship seen in this film is a classic "rocket-ship" design. Sleek, aerodynamic, or seems to be, and mildly based on the German V-2 Rocket, which formed the basis for more than one "ships of fancy."

The Pegasus model kit is not at all complex, but it is well molded and the parts fit together very well indeed. 

The model comes with its own simulated &quour;moonscape" display base, but that one looks "too good." Like it was made from more recent photographs of the Moon's surface. CultTVMan's Hobbyshop also offered the Red Planet resin-molded display base for this kit, which featured terrain which more closely resembles that of the motion picture set, along with the movie title, molded right into the front edge of the base. 

So, we ordered both. Steve @ CultTVMan is great about shipping speed, so we had ot new kit in no time. 

The body was assembled (11 parts), including wings (fins) and windows. Once the cement was cured, the seams got knocked down smooth and the whole exterior surface was cleaned with alcohol to remove all mold-release films. The two windows were masked and the base coat of Citadel Chaos Black was laid down. Once dried, we got out the old airbrush to do the finish coats of ALCLAD II Chrome Lacquer. The ship really gleams, as any good 1950's era spaceship would.

We acquired a set of properly space suited 1/144 scale Destination: Moon astronaut figures from Shapeways. com, designed by Max Grueter of Figurative Studies. Four of these guys would get painted and placed onto the display base, near the rocket. 

Here's the intrepid crew, on the Moon's surface. Each crew member had a difference colored suit, so they could be easily identified while on the Moon. The base was done in a base of Navy Aggressor Gray, with airbrushed  Medium Gray and Red Brown highlights. 

The full perspective of the model, the base and the crew. 

We ordered an acrylic display case to house and protect the model and while waiting for it to arrive, we decided to find a section of Chester Bonestell artwork from the film to act as a background. Mr. Bonestell set the bar for other space artists to follow and his artwork helped make "Destination: Moon" the classic film that it is. 

If you don't feel like doing your own ALCLAD II airbrush work, you can also get a "chrome plated" version of the Pegasus SpaceShip Luna model instead.

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