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Thank you for visiting our website. Please contact us to request more information about our projects, to purchase our products or to provide feedback about our website.

For all Space Modeling Product orders, please send us your Shipping Address information (no PO Box Numbers) along with which items you wish to purchase and your e-mail address. All International Orders outside the U.S. now require that a Contact Phone Number be provided.

We will send you an invoice, providing an itemized list of your purchase and a Pay Pal Request to send payment for the purchase. Once payment is received, we will send an e-mail providing the USPS Priority Mail Tracking Information about your shipment.

On some select smaller items, we also offer USPS First Class postage rates, which are less expensive, but take longer to arrive and do not have tracking services. 

If the product you want is not available when you request it, we will provide you with information about pending production and availability. 

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