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More Static Space Models

Revell 1/24 scale Russian Vostok Spacecraft

The first production model kit of the Vostok and largest model of the ship I've seen. This model commemorates the flight of Major Yuri Gagarin and Vostok 1, on April 12, 1961, making him the first man to orbit the Earth.


Airfix 1/144 scale Russian R-7 Rocket

This model includes all three famous flight configurations. The small nose cone was used for Sputnik 1 on October 4, 1957. The middle shroud with the ingress opening was used for Vostok (Gagarin, etc.) and the larger upper stage and escape rocket shroud is currently used for Soyuz & Soyuz TM spacecraft, which still fly on the same R-7 Korolev rocket today to launch ISS crews into orbit.


Revell 1/110 scale Jupiter-C & Explorer 1

The Revell 1/110 scale model of the launch pad for Explorer 1, America's first satellite, launched on January 31, 1958, using the Von Braun-Army Jupiter C version of the reliable Redstone IRBM.


Revell 1/110 scale Mercury-Atlas (MA-6)

Revell's 1/110 scale model of the Mercury-Atlas of John Glenn's orbital flight, was first released back in the 1960s, and was re-released as part of the Revell "History Makers" series of model kits in the 1980s.

We recently added the LVM Studios "Pad 14 Launch Umbilical Tower (LUT)" model to this old Revell model, and along with some "sprucing-up" of other elements of the model, it looks like a whole new project!


1/200 scale Russian "Mir" Space Station 

A desk model in 1/200 scale of the Russian Mir Space Station, showing both a Soyuz Spacecraft and a Progress Supply Ship docked. This model is just a few years old. It was sold as a "pre-finished" model, which simply needed assembly out of the box.


Airfix 1/144 scale US Space Shuttle 

This model was produced in 1981 and built to accurately represent the configuration of STS-1, the first flight of the Shuttle, which we attended on April 12, 1981 as guests of the Kennedy Space Center. This was the first 1/144 scale Shuttle I had built, was completed after our trip in late 1981 and was used as the first vehicle to stand on my 1/144 scale Shuttle Launch Complex Model.


Revell 1/144 scale Space Shuttle Orbiter and Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA)

The model depicts NASA 905 (SCA) and Orbiter Enterprise, as they appeared after the Approach & Landing Tests at Edwards Air Force Base in 1977. After Enterprise went to Marshall Space Center in Alabama, and Kennedy Space Center in Florida to conduct systems tests, NASA sent the pair on a "goodwill" tour, which included all major NASA center locations and well as the Paris Air Show. The NASA 905 paint scheme is from this period. 


Revell 1/32 scale Bell X-1

"Glamorous Glennis," which took Chuck Yeager through the Sound Barrier for the first time on October 14, 1947 .


Cashulette Engineering Saturn V Rocket

The Cashulette Engineering souvenir desk model of the Saturn V Rocket, the Launch Tower and the Crawler from the 1960s. The model was originally purchaased at the KSC Gift Shop when I toured the Cape for the first time in July of 1970. This was the model I was looking for when I found the larger 1/96 scale EduCraft LUT. This Cashulette desk model is approximately 1/300 scale.


Cashulette MLP / Revell Space Shuttle 

Another Cashulette desk model whose LUT was damaged was modified to accommodate a 1/288 scale Revell Space Shuttle stack, as it was very close in scale to the Cashulette Saturn. The Shuttle is badged as Challenger, marking her first roll-out to the pad for her first flight, STS-6 in 1983.


Revell 1/96 scale Apollo-Soyuz Test Project

The mission was flown in July of 1975. I built this model in the mid-1980s. It uses a "Block 1" Apollo Spacecraft, but the overall model was well executed.

This model is now in the hands of student in Bakersfield, California, who did her science fair project on the ASTP flight, and even interviewed General Tom Stafford and CMP Vance Brand as part of her work. The model was used in her Fair display. 

1/72 scale Dragon Models Apollo-Soyuz Test Project Model

This was the "replacement" for the donated Revell ASTP. Dragon Models does a great kob of detail in molding, but the instructions were not up to "Dragon standards," as there was virtually nothing showing how to assemble the Soyuz and the Docking Adapter. Far too little detail in the assembly explanation, But, we made it through.

A closer view of the Apollo CSM shows very good decal markings provided and a correct "Block 2" Apollo craft in place. We used self-adhesive aluminum foil to do the CM exterior and soft Silver paint to do the SM.

The Soyuz is correct for the time period, The blue solar panel applications are visually interesting. 

A gold coin commemerating the ASTP flight was added as a marker to highlight the model's display stand.

Revell 1/12 scale Astronaut with Manned Maneuvering Unit

The astronaut figure was based on Revell's previously released Gemini Astronaut, and did not have correct detail. The model was marketed by Revell just after STS 51-A, where Bruce McCandless first flew the MMU during that Shuttle flight. Unfortunately, they did not do sufficient re-tooling to the astronaut figure to differentiate it from the old Gemini Astronaut state. I had to scratch-build the control box and seamline for the Hard-Upper Torso (HUT) of the Shuttle space suit (EMU). These were fabricated and blended into the suit. The same is true for helmet work lights and visor details. 

Skilcraft Models Hubble Space Telescope

The first, and as far as I know, only plastic model of Hubble to be sold. The model is in approx. 1/72 scale, making it a good size reference against the Revell or Monogram 1/72 Shuttle Orbiter. This model is detailed in "stowed" or launch mode, as the Shuttle would have taken it into orbit on STS-31.